adidas Pure Game





adidas Pure Game is a signature men’s fragrance - this limited edition will be celebrating the world’s biggest sporting event, hosted by South Africa in 2010.

Every four years the Earth’s population unites to show just how much they love one single sport—Football. In 2006, the month-long championship in Germany drew a cumulative global audience of over 26 billion people. At the 2010 tournament in South Africa, with technology making it possible to view matches from the palm of your hand, this number can only grow, setting new records from the very first kick to the final breathtaking goal that crowns one nation’s team the undisputed world champions.

In celebration of this historic sporting event, adidas and Coty have teamed up to create Pure Game, a limited edition fragrance for active men, designed to perform just as well in the office or classroom as it does on the pitch. Like the host country, South Africa, Pure Game, is a bold and unexpected fragrance that perfectly represents the spirit of diversity in unity. This masculine fragrance unites its wearer passionate footballers all over the world—fans and players alike who love the sport because it proves, time and time again, that where teamwork is involved Impossible is Nothing.

Inspired by the rich diversity and strength that unites South Africa, adidas Pure Game pays tribute to this year’s host nation with a signature fragrance that is itself the result of a harmonious blend of natural ingredients found throughout the Rainbow Nation’s diverse countryside. The fragrance opens on a surprising blend of sparkling grapefruit and mandarin enhanced with the fizzy green basil and spicy fresh pepper. The heart of this creation reveals a radiant elegance and modern masculinity thanks to the aromatic lavender and the wood accord of gaiac and cypress. The drydown unveils an addictive and natural facet of rare patchouli and tamboti combined with the sensual notes of tonka and incense.

Sporty, rugged and masculine—in stores adidas Pure Game will be immediately recognizable by its stealth black packaging. This minimal look is offset by vibrant, delta-shaped colour-bursts and a weathered wordmark that boldly announces, “Special Edition: South Africa”. Made up of 11 distinct colours, these spectral delta shapes represent the 11 official languages of South Africa, as well as the 11 players of a football team, both united as one. Inspired by the unique visual language adidas has designed for South Africa 2010, a country of pride and hope, the adidas Pure Game packaging illustrates the harmony that is created when diverse groups unite to take part in a global sporting event of such a magnificent proportion. Football is no longer just a game, but a part of the fabric of life.

On the product itself the football imagery is subtle, such as the image of an Earth-sized football at the bottom of the packaging. Additionally, in-store displays will feature a football player in the midst of shooting a goal, positioning adidas Pure Game directly in line with 2010’s most anticipated global tournament.

A singular scent created from a mixture of diverse ingredients, adidas Pure Game is the ultimate fragrance designed for the world’s greatest sporting event, when eleven individuals come together as one and magic happens.

Diversity In Unity: adidas Pure Game.